A gift to the pro-life cause is a gift with eternal merits. This strategic plan will save thousands of babies from abortion and spare their parents of a dreadful sin.

Since you are on this website it is likely that you are a pro-life person, but do you know how to save a baby today? Well, we know how you can save a baby right now! We have done the math and we know what our expected costs will be. We know that pregnancy centers in Iowa with ultrasounds can scan 70 or more women per year that are considering abortion. The centers we help will save babies every year!

Our commitment to the goal is absolute. Iowa Knights will spend an estimated $3.1 million dollars towards the goal of reducing abortions by 50% by the end of 2020. To raise this money, we need your help. Please consider joining us and donating to our effort.

All online donations will be tax deductible via Iowa Knights of Columbus Culture of Life Committee. May God bless you for supporting Life!

Or Donate by Mail!

If you wish to mail your donation, please make check payable to “Iowa State Knights of Columbus” and mail to: Tom Wittrock, 770 310th St, Bagley, IA 50026-8014. In the memo section of your check please write “Seethebaby”.

Want more information on how to donate? Please contact us at

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